The Vaccine Page is a public resource for vaccine­ hesitant parents and parents ­to ­be to get clear, evidence ­based answers and gentle support without blame, criticism, or condescension. Our chief aim is to provide the information you need for you to make an informed decision about your family’s health. We can answer your questions, help you interpret studies, and make sense out of the news you read.

We have seen a need for a place to come with questions and concerns where parents can trust that they will not be mocked, bullied, criticized, or intimidated. We believe that all parents want do their best to protect their children, and that they deserve to be treated with respect.

All we ask is that you come with an open mind and participate with the same respectfulness that we offer you.

The Vaccine Page is not a debate platform; we are here to provide information that is supported by the best evidence we currently have available. We reserve the right to delete misinformation, deliberately antagonistic posts, and anything else that is inaccurate or inflammatory. Our first and last goal is to support parents with clear, supportive answers; if you are interested in debate, there are many other platforms available to you.


You are welcome to post your questions directly to our wall. If you prefer anonymity, please feel free to PM us.

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Who Are We?

The Vaccine Page is administered by a group of medical professionals, scientists, and advocates. Most of us are parents, all of us believe in serving public health by supporting  families and providing information. We are conscientious objectors in the vaccine wars, and we are here to help.

A Necessary Disclaimer

The Vaccine Page is an education and advocacy page regarding vaccines. We cannot provide medical advice on specific medical conditions. Responses posted by The Vaccine Admins should not be viewed as a medical consultation; please consult your doctor for any health issues.

We are not a page designed to provide all visitors with a platform to disseminate information. We are here to provide the information and resources ourselves, the information we know to be accurate and evidence-based and the resources we know to be credible and reliable. We welcome others to participate in threads and share information, but if that information is not credible, reliable, accurate, or evidence-based, we reserve the right to delete it, with or without warning. We are not an unbiased page. We are a pro-evidence, pro-science page.

Thank you and Welcome to the Vaccine Page!