Q&A: MMR & MMRV Safety

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Anonymous Asks: I’ve heard there is a new version of the MMR shot that includes the chickenpox vaccine too. My son will be getting his one year shots soon, and I’d like to know if the new version is safe. … Continued

On Herd Immunity

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“I am the red dot,” a commenter remarked poignantly on a post to our page of an infographic about herd immunity. As an immuno-compromised person, she is reliant on herd immunity to protect her from diseases that could be life-threatening … Continued

A Vaccination Glossary

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Diving headfirst into researching vaccines usually involves learning a whole new vocabulary. To make it easier to read studies and scientific papers, we’ve put together a glossary of some commonly used terms. Did we leave anything out? Let us know! … Continued